The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikers (NABB) is often described as ‘The Unseen Emergency Service’ and on Friday 14 August in partnership with O2, will be an annual Awareness Day for the charity. The event aims to increase awareness and encourage volunteers to the organisation.

Throughout the day O2 will be hosting live Twitter chats with the hashtag #BloodBikeDay

to help people understand what the NABB as a voluntary service offers to the public, which could involve transporting vital blood, plasma, serum, x-rays, instruments, MRI scans and donated breast milk for premature babies between locations to where they are most needed.

Comprising of 25 regional charities, 1,500 volunteer Blood Bikers, work with 272 hospitals, they are on call 365 days a year, 7pm until 6am weekdays and 24hrs at the weekends.  In 2014 alone, NABB groups responded to 39,000 urgent requests saving multiple lives. The NABB groups comprises of skilled, dedicated people who make a significant personal sacrifice to help others, which has a positive impact on local communities, saving the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds in courier costs.

The charity aims to drive up recruitment of volunteer riders/drivers, controllersfundraisers and Digital and Social Media Volunteers to help undertake the NABB’s vital work in their local communities. O2 are offering the chance to help develop the NABB online presence with the training and support of the award winning O2 Social Media team.

To find out more about NABB volunteering in your local area visit

Nicola Green, Director of Communications and Reputation at O2 and Board Advisor at NABB said “At O2 we’re very proud to support the superb work the Blood Bikers do, helping with their vital technology and communication needs. Utilising our expertise and innovation capabilities is a great way to support organisations on the front line every day, supporting our emergency services”.

For more information please visit or for information on O2 support for NABB visit

O2 works with public and third sector organisations such as the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes to unlock the opportunities that modern connectivity technology creates. Whether it’s allowing police officers to stream live video over 4G or healthcare workers to access documents via a mobile, technology has huge potential to improve efficiency and citizens’ experience of public and third sector services.

As part of this partnership, O2 is helping to raise the profile of organisations which support the UK’s public services in national, regional and trade media to highlight the heroic work that frontline public service professionals and volunteers undertake every day.

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Head of Communications & Marketing for Emergency Services
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John Stepney

Chair of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB)