Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes (NBB) have made a landmark journey across Nottingham, transporting urgent blood samples for the very first time. Having recently signed an agreement with the Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust, the local mental health and community service provider, their service went live for the first time today.

Initially covering the requirements of Highbury Hospital near Bulwell, the service will expand in the coming months to cover more of the Trust’s hospitals throughout the County, including Rampton and Lings Bar.

They had already begun working with King’s Mill Hospital to transport donor breast milk for premature babies, travelling as far as Cheshire to collect supplies, but this new service will see the group transport blood products for the first time in their short history.

Chris Dwyer, the Senior Procurement Manager at the Trust, said: “We’re delighted to finally have this opportunity to work alongside the volunteers of Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes. Our staff have been negotiating behind the scenes for several months and this first delivery is just the tip of the iceberg for us – we plan to roll out the service across our hospitals this year in a move which will save us significant amounts in transport costs.”

“When we first heard about the Blood Bike service, we were amazed that they offered their services completely free of charge – it almost seemed too good to be true.”

This agreement is the culmination of both hard work and planning, and could not have happened without the help of many people – not least their team of volunteers who have dedicated their spare time to help develop the charity, fundraising at every opportunity to ensure they had the resources in place to help the NHS.

NBB would also like to thank the great people of Nottinghamshire (and indeed beyond) for their very generous donations whenever they’ve been out collecting and the fantastic support they’ve received from several motorcycle groups too – this is a team effort like no other and everyone connected with them should quite rightly feel proud of their involvement on this momentous day.

Pictured outside the Highbury Hospital are Fiona Hind and Chris Dwyer of the Trust, alongside a selection of NBB volunteers.