Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
I’m not in work as I’m a mature student at the University of Kent. I am also the the head controller for SERV Kent.
During term time, I have lectures, seminars and study to work on during the week. I’m pretty much free on a weekend unless I’m working on an assignment or revising for exams. As such, I don’t have the same daily start time at university as would be the case at work so it easier for me to fit my shifts in around that.
I tend to do a lot of weekend day shifts as I live alone and have no children or other commitments so that free time is my own. I also attend as many fundraising events as I am able to so that I can bring awareness of the controller role alongside that of rider and driver.
As head controller, there are other duties beyond being on control for shifts, I have to ensure that there is a controller on duty every night and make myself available if any of them need advice during their shift. I also arrange our home dialysis sample collections as well as the breast milk deliveries for a local neonatal unit. I’m a committee member so have to attend monthly committee meetings which are always held in the evening.
Should a shift be vacant or a controller is unable to work their shift at short notice, I cover it myself. I am also responsible for training new controllers and debriefing them after their first shift.
As my lectures and seminars are held during the day, the shifts and additional duties are easily fitted in around them and, excluding any emergency cover I may need to provide, I am able to ensure that I do not cover a shift on the days before any early lectures, luckily this year, that is only on one day a week.
I have been known to work on essays during shifts, even if it’s a busy shift, it doesn’t stop me making a good job of them and stops me from procrastinating more than usual.