There are two things which any of our group need to be sustainable; money and volunteers. To some extent, it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation. However, to do anything, each of the blood bike charities in the UK and Ireland need money.

Every weekend, without fail, and in all weathers, you can be sure that there will be several groups of people at a venue, raising money for their local blood bike group, in supermarkets, school fairs, sponsored events, talks, and other wonderful activities. These are the main stay which will generally cover the running costs the charity. For younger groups, which are in the process of setting up, it is entirely about saving enough money to be able to start off operationally. Many people take the view that this is by far the most resource-intensive activity, certainly in the case of human resources. Operationally, it may be only one or two people on the road, but events generally will have a mix of people.

Sponsored events are really useful for groups. Events such as the London Marathon, the Great North Run, Coast to Coast Cycle ride can be attractive prospects for people who want to raise money for a group.

On the other side of the coin, many companies provide corporate sponsorship for groups, some may provide vehicles, fuel or other financial support.

The final side to fundraising is that of the group donations, by the likes of the Rotary Clubs, Women’s Institutes, Lions and Masons. The Mason have, in the past year become very generous to groups across the UK, having bought a number of motorcycles for groups, at the total cost of over £150k. The donation of a vehicle to a group can be truly massive, and can mean the difference between providing a service and not doing so.

Fundraising – it’s an essential part of what we do – and we’d love you to help us.