Well how do you sum up one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in one go???
Being a Chairman of a charity group and especially one that has 320 plus members is a real bitter sweet role.
The Chairman role is often looked upon as a leadership role, where in actual fact its maintaining focus and momentum that ensures that the charity is run in a very transparent way in compliance with the constitution and the charity laws which are required.
A Chairman is only as good as the committee that “manage” the day to day dealings of the charity, without a fantastic team pulling together in the right direction the charity could turn inside out very quickly, as the whole of the committee is the “leadership” of the organisation. I am very proud of the team we have become, being relative strangers to each other we trust that everything we do is in the best interests of the charity – I couldn’t be without any of the committee along with the membership.
To be a chairman you have to been diplomatic, see both sides of the story but also move things forward to prevent stagnation.  It’s often a role which has to manage peoples expectations from the members, members of the public and the service user (NHS).
So that’s the challenging side of being a chairman.  On the flip side its the most rewarding role, seeing the charity provide an amazing service, knowing that what you are doing benefits the NHS financially and knowing that any one of the runs undertaken could be the one that saves someone’s life.
Knowing that there are fantastic people out there who volunteer their spare time or give up some of their family time to give what they can to serve the charity, whether it be a rider, fundraiser, PR, admin, treasurer, membership secretary, rider assessor, organising rotas, producing statistics, organising training or being that ever important controller, without all of whom the service could not run.
I am an active chairman not only in the chairman role but where I am regularly a controller, GMP trainer and try to help with the stats and go to as many fundraising events as possible (I can’t ride the bikes as my legs are too short) so this is my way of understanding the roles as best I can and being a part of the overall team and being empathetic to members.
Blood Bikes Wales has 8 regions managed by 7 Area Representatives, with the geographical make up of us covering the whole of wales these Area Reps are invaluable and do an amazing job of leading their regional groups and ensuring continued service, I am very privileged to work with these guys who are tireless in their commitment to the charity.
Not something a single chairman could cover so the meaning of team is much more important and working together as a single minded unit ensuring that our members are safe, the service is provided and everything we do is in the best interests of the Charity.