Q: What’s the link between Kentucky (USA), Perth (Western Australia), Cameroon (W Africa), Vancouver, Ottawa, Brussels and Freiburg (Germany)?

A: They have all approached NABB enquiring about starting a Blood Bike group in their country.

In fact, Perth in Australia now has an operational group, with Kentucky hoping to start in the next couple of months. The situation in Canada is a little different as one of the start up initiatives (Vancouver) has actually been initiated by NABB from the UK after we were approached directly by a local hospital. In response to this enquiry, we have ‘reached out’ to various motorcycling groups in the Vancouver area and are now actively involved in dialogue with a group that is keen to move forward.

The wide range of different cultures, legislation and geography make this an extremely interesting and varied task. Quite a contrast to the last 10 years in the UK, where the legislation and standards are broadly the same for every group, meaning that rolling out a basic service is almost a ‘copy n paste’ activity in terms of processes and type of service etc.

So, after stepping down from the Chairman role in NABB, the last one or two loose ends that I wanted to close down have turned into an exciting opportunity to branch out onto the global stage.

John Stepney

NABB Development Officer.