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Here come the girls

Here come the girls! (and they’re all Blood Bikers!)

This Boxing Day, the Northumbria group of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes will be running their first ever all women shift.

‘Northumbria Blood Bikes’ is one of the member groups of The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes. They are a voluntary organisation that provides a free, out of hours, medical essentials delivery service will be running an entire 12 hour shift on Boxing Day 2015, manned solely by women. Carrying everything from blood, surgical tools and x-rays to donated breast milk for premature babies, the Blood Bikers are the unseen emergency service.

Blood Bikes and O2 seek volunteers through Awareness Day on 14th August

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikers (NABB) is often described as ‘The Unseen Emergency Service’ and on Friday 14 August in partnership with O2, will be an annual Awareness Day for the charity. The event aims to increase awareness and encourage volunteers to the organisation.

Throughout the day O2 will be hosting live Twitter chats with the hashtag #BloodBikeDay

to help people understand what the NABB as a voluntary service offers to the public, which could involve transporting vital blood, plasma, serum, x-rays, instruments, MRI scans and donated breast milk for premature babies between locations to where they are most needed.