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Major Charitable Fundraising from MCF

5 of the NABB member groups were recently in receipt of fabulous news. As part of the Freemasons Ter Centenary, the Masonic Charitable Foundation, giving away £3,000,000 in grants, have granted between £15,000 and £25,000 to each of the groups to allow for purchase of new vehicles. Northumbria Blood Bikes (£15,000), Derbyshire Blood Bikes (£25,000), Midland Freewheelers (£25,000), Cornwall Blood Bikes (£25,000), and Devon Freewheelers (15,000) were given money to the total of £105,000. As a blood bike community, we are all massively grateful to the public, our supporters, for their help in this. It makes a huge difference.

MCF Community Awards

#BloodBikesDay 2017

Today, we celebrate the hard, free, constant and fabulous support of over 2,700 volunteers across the UK and Ireland, who provide a seamless service, free to the NHS, often alone, without seeking glory for what they do. Today, this is your day.

#VolunteersWeek – Going International?

Q: What’s the link between Kentucky (USA), Perth (Western Australia), Cameroon (W Africa), Vancouver, Ottawa, Brussels and Freiburg (Germany)?

A: They have all approached NABB enquiring about starting a Blood Bike group in their country.

In fact, Perth in Australia now has an operational group, with Kentucky hoping to start in the next couple of months. The situation in Canada is a little different as one of the start up initiatives (Vancouver) has actually been initiated by NABB from the UK after we were approached directly by a local hospital. In response to this enquiry, we have ‘reached out’ to various motorcycling groups in the Vancouver area and are now actively involved in dialogue with a group that is keen to move forward.

It’s #VolunteersWeek – by Royal Assent

On day 2 of  Volunteers Week, we have some rather special news to share, with not 1 but 2 NABB member groups being awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service. This is the MBE for groups, and is the highest honour that a group can receive.

Northumbria Blood Bikes

Northumbria Blood Bikes, a registered charity established by local volunteers to deliver essential blood and urgent medical supplies, out of hours, between hospitals and healthcare sites in North East England, has been honoured with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for 2017, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK and the equivalent of an MBE.

Blood Bikes Awareness Day

Today, Friday 12 August is the second #BloodBikesDay. Blood bikes groups from everywhere are celebrating what it means to do what we do. From those small groups which are embryonic in nature to the larger more established groups. All of the blood bikes groups are run by volunteers and all of the work is done by volunteers, delivering the service free at the point of need. We have many hospitals, and air ambulance charities as our clientele across the UK, and we feel proud of what we do. As all of our work is free, each group needs to raise its own funds to pay for this service,

#VolunteersWeek day 7

Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
Kim Brewin, 43, Data Manager at a large Oil & Gas company. I trained as an analytical chemist, worked at a government laboratory and then moved here. I have worked for the company for 20 years and in this role for 14.
Data Manager
It is not as boring as you think. I get to talk to people all over the world on a daily basis. It is not always about work, you find out about their surroundings and their likes and dislikes too.

#VolunteersWeek day 6

Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
Kirsty Lawrence, 27 years old, Community Champion at Tesco Consett Genesis Extra. Volunteer Shift Controller, Fundraiser and Publicity Officer for Northumbria Blood Bikes.
I’m responsible for… My day job consists of supporting my local community in a variety of ways. My main responsibilities are managing donation and bag packing requests, supporting people who have asked for help with projects or events, looking after our in store community space and I am also a Farm to Fork Trail Guide so teach primary school children about where their food comes from.

#VolunteersWeek Day 1

There are over 1,500 volunteers in the various ‪#‎BloodBikes‬ groups. This ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ we celebrate a few of them.
Judith Sauberlich
Retired RGN
Wife of 1 husband Mother of 2 sons Nana to 3 grandchildren
Since retiring from paid employment my “job” continues around my family, all the usual chores & helping to look after my grandchildren, which I love.
I am also a Community Councillor (equivalent to English parish council) & help manage the Community Centre hall in my area
I have been involved with Dumfries & Galloway Blood Bikes, a charity set up &

Great North Air Ambulance Scheme ‘saved lives’

Eighteen lives have been saved as a result of air ambulances carrying blood on board, the charity has said.

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), which covers the North East, Cumbria and North Yorkshire, started the scheme in January 2015.

Since then, medics have performed 60 transfusions, a third of which were deemed to have been of critical importance to survival.

Many others have had their outcomes improved by having the intervention.

Dr Rachel Hawes, who is also a doctor on the air ambulance, used her experiences as officer in the Army Reserve –