Great North Run 2017

We are under starter’s orders for the Great NorthRun 2017. We have places for allocation, just need a group of souls willing to put their lives on hold (only joking) to raise some hefty pots of cash for NABB. Visit our GNR page for more information.

Blood Bikes Awareness Day

Today, Friday 12 August is the second #BloodBikesDay. Blood bikes groups from everywhere are celebrating what it means to do what we do. From those small groups which are embryonic in nature to the larger more established groups. All of the blood bikes groups are run by volunteers and all of the work is done by volunteers, delivering the service free at the point of need. We have many hospitals, and air ambulance charities as our clientele across the UK, and we feel proud of what we do. As all of our work is free, each group needs to raise its own funds to pay for this service,

#VolunteersWeek day 7

Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
Kim Brewin, 43, Data Manager at a large Oil & Gas company. I trained as an analytical chemist, worked at a government laboratory and then moved here. I have worked for the company for 20 years and in this role for 14.
Data Manager
It is not as boring as you think. I get to talk to people all over the world on a daily basis. It is not always about work, you find out about their surroundings and their likes and dislikes too.

#VolunteersWeek day 6

Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
Kirsty Lawrence, 27 years old, Community Champion at Tesco Consett Genesis Extra. Volunteer Shift Controller, Fundraiser and Publicity Officer for Northumbria Blood Bikes.
I’m responsible for… My day job consists of supporting my local community in a variety of ways. My main responsibilities are managing donation and bag packing requests, supporting people who have asked for help with projects or events, looking after our in store community space and I am also a Farm to Fork Trail Guide so teach primary school children about where their food comes from.

#VolunteersWeek day 5

Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
My name is Kathy Drogemuller and I am 54
I work for the LEGO Group and in January 2015 reduced my working week from a fulltime, 5 days per week position to 4 days in order to allow me to fulfil my ambition to sit as a Justice of the Peace. I have also since established myself as a professional proofreader. With one ‘extra’ day off per week I find I can commit to being on SERV duty one weekend (2 days) per month –

#VolunteersWeek day 4

Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
My name is Jillian Hailes. I am 26 and I currently work at Herne CE Infant and Nursery School in Kent. I also volunteer as a Blood runner for SERV Kent. Here is my advice for anyone wanting to be a Bloorunner:
1. Be prepared to leave wherever you are. Being on call can mean I sometimes miss out on social events. A memorable night was when I was called out on a blood run whilst at a 1950s jive dancing night and roamed the hospitals looking like an extra from grease and receiving a mixture of strange looks and
smiles from hospital staff.

#VolunteersWeek day 3

Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
Tessa Wilkinson
Severn Freewheelers
I’ve been riding blood bikes for little over a year. Many people ask me why I do it and how I fit it in to my very busy life. By day, I’m a business development manager for a trust of schools in the South
West. I run a scheme that brings business and education together so young people can acquire skills needed for work as well as find out all about careers that are available to them.

Queens Award for Voluntary Service

By Royal Appointment

Thursday 2nd June 2016, just over 4 years since North West Blood Bikes Lancs & Lakes began operating, Her Majesty the Queen has bestowed her highest award for a voluntary group on one of our member groups. This is the finest Thank You to all of those people who volunteer for them, and partly recognition in the wider sense of blood bike volunteers everywhere. Well done to the group for all of the hard work since setting the group up and from that moment onwards.

#VolunteersWeek day 2

Another of the volunteers around the country for ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ where we celebrate the work of ‪#‎BloodBikes‬.
I’m not in work as I’m a mature student at the University of Kent. I am also the the head controller for SERV Kent.
During term time, I have lectures, seminars and study to work on during the week. I’m pretty much free on a weekend unless I’m working on an assignment or revising for exams. As such, I don’t have the same daily start time at university as would be the case at work so it easier for me to fit my shifts in around that.

#VolunteersWeek Day 1

There are over 1,500 volunteers in the various ‪#‎BloodBikes‬ groups. This ‪#‎VolunteersWeek‬ we celebrate a few of them.
Judith Sauberlich
Retired RGN
Wife of 1 husband Mother of 2 sons Nana to 3 grandchildren
Since retiring from paid employment my “job” continues around my family, all the usual chores & helping to look after my grandchildren, which I love.
I am also a Community Councillor (equivalent to English parish council) & help manage the Community Centre hall in my area
I have been involved with Dumfries & Galloway Blood Bikes, a charity set up &