Funding and Sponsorship

NABB is a registered charity, in common with all of the blood bikes groups in the UK. 30 of the 33 groups are members of NABB, agreeing to adhere to our membership standards. Each of the groups needs to have the funds to run the service, and NABB is no different. Funds raised by and donated to NABB go support the national support structures, including subsidies to groups for various items such as uniform and insurance. NABB needs to raise funds to continue to do this. Currently, NABB needs approximately £30,000 to operate and support the groups around the country. We therefore need to receive donations to support this. We have recently become registered for Gift Aid, and shall be claiming it going forward. In terms of individuals and small groups, donations can be made directly via our BT Donate service. If you represent a company and wish to support your charitable objectives by means of a donation, contact us through the Marketing option via this link. We are always pleased to hear from organisations who wish to support our cause.

Much like each of the local groups, NABB is run by a small committee of members of member groups, who receive no remuneration, and are volunteers as all local groups are. We thank you for your interest, and hope that you feel suitably inclined to make regular donations.