Excise the spirits of a taxing budget

The Budget 2018…The Treasury…The Chancellor:
“Vehicle Excise Duty (VED): Blood Bikes – To align the tax treatment of the transportation of blood and medical supplies by the national charity Blood Bikes with other emergency vehicles, the government will introduce an exemption for the purpose-built vehicles operated by Blood Bikes from April 2020.”
This was the culmination of 4 years of dialogue between NABB and various Government departments. After the presentation and discussion, it was apparent that we had ‘ticked all the boxes’ and had hopefully presented a compelling case.
We are delighted with the statement from the Chancellor that the Government has agreed to change the legislation and our Blood Bike community will now benefit collectively to the tune of around £40,000 per year. Just as important though, is that It’s also further recognition from the Government of the part we play in providing a robust and professional service, and the quality of what we provide that is the key component, the fact that it is free of charge to the NHS is just the icing on the cake.
A big ‘Thank you’ has to be extended to the Rt Hon John Bercow Mp (Speaker of the House of Commons) who has been a staunch supporter of the Blood Bike initiative over the years and we are sure we would not had had such success and progress on the legislation front without his personal intervention and support.
Blood Bikers, professionals supporting professionals.