We are the voice of our members
Negotiating with the Government, NHS and more!

In 2015 NABB successfully negotiated on behalf of our members with the UK Government to be included in the Chancellors Budget speech, Blood Bikes were awarded VAT exemption allowing member groups to reclaim VAT saving vital charitible funds.

In 2016 our member groups received over


requests for transportation from hospitals and other clients.

All done free of charge by over 2,700 unpaid volunteers.

Our organisations statistics

Total Member Groups
Number of Volunteers
Total runs last year

Become a part of your local group

Being a volunteer for one of the 27 member groups up and down the country can be a very rewarding experience, you don’t need to be able to ride a motorcycle either!

Groups need Drivers, Fundraisers, Call Handlers and General Administration volunteers to help them operate.

Of course there are opportunities for Riders and Drivers too but all the magic doesn’t happen on the road. Watch the video to the left for further information and click the link below to contact a group local to you.

How can you help us?

Volunteer for your local group

The heart of NABB are its member groups, without all the dedicated volunteers who run each group the whole concept would not exist. Find out how to contact your local group by clicking here and make a difference today!

Support the 'industry'?

NABB itself is a small national charity which seeks to further the interests of the blood bikes industry through national partnerships. If you or your company would like to support NABB directly, so we can continue to support groups, we’d love to hear from you. Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and select ‘Sponsorship’.

Donate to your local group

If you do not have the time to volunteer, then maybe you could donate to your local group, wither its a one off donation or a regular monthly offer, the local groups will be extremely grateful of your donation.

Offer your services to NABB?

Do you have skills, links or talents which would be useful to a small national charity? We are run by a small committee chichis representative of the Nationwide Member Groups. We often have tasks which are time bound and need specific skill sets to undertake. Do you think that you may be able to support? Get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page.